Aqua Dancer

The Aqua Dancer is the next concept in shower dancing; it allows groups of people to dance under the shower rail. The water proof tray is fully versatile for many functions such as Grunge fighting, mud wrestling, wet T shirts competitors or dance competitions, the competitions can be held as individual events or a nationals tours depending on the clubs requirements.

The water is heated prior to the event cleaned and recycled throughout the evening’s events. The Aqua Dancer is due to make a splash across the UK in 2010, A brand new concept in on stage shower dancing! Groups of people can all dance and get wet under the shower rail at the same time.

Perfect for Wet T-shirt competitions, wet dance offs or just use it as an amazing peripheral entertainment feature.
We can organise individual competitions or National Tours depending on your requirements.

The Aqua Dancer is perfect for Nightclubs or Student venues. The water in our tanks are heated prior to events and our system allows a continuous flow of water all through the night without a need for a permanent water supply.

In addition the waterproof tray and back drop is very versatile and can be adapted for other functions!  We can put Gunge Tanks in it, Hot Tubs, Messy Wrestling and Dunk Tanks.

Pictures of the events will be posted on the Aqua Dancer web site for anyone to view, the clubs will also get video high quality video footage for there own web sites. Clubs can either supply the own dancers to start the nights entertainment or we can supply as required.

The back drop has a clear plastic wallet in the middle allowing the clubs to put there own flyers inside branding the unit as they wish. We supply swim wear and changing areas if required. Images from the events will be posted on the Aqua Dancer web site for anyone to view, if required we can also supply a high quality DVD to play in your venue after the events.

We can supply dancers if required, or venues can use their own. But we find the general public to be very happy to take part without much motivation.

The big difference with the Aqua Dancer is that no one has to do it on their own! The back drop has a clear plastic wallet so you can provide your own branding or mini banners. The Aqua Dancer goes out with at least two operators. We also supply towels' for all events. we have full public liabilities insurance and can provide risk assessments.

Aqua Dancer

Videos can be found on YouTube by clicking the links below:

Aquadancer Promotional Trailer!

Girls in the Shower